#001 – Yushan Main Peak (玉山) – 3,952m

Jade Mountain - 玉山 - 百岳

Standing tall at 3,952m, Jade Mountain (玉山), (aka Yushan) is not only the tallest mountain in Taiwan, but also East Asia.

Ingrained in Taiwanese popular consciousness and culture, this peak is the crown jewel of mountains in Taiwan and for many, a life-long goal to climb.

Despite being the highest mountain in Taiwan, Jade Mountain is surprisingly easy to hike. It is suitable for just about anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and determination.

Jade Mountain can be climbed a number of ways depending on which of the other 8 subsidiary peaks one desires. However, hiking the traditional route takes two days and one night up and down to the main peak.

From the trailhead, hikers will need to complete a relatively mild 8.5km hike up to famous Paiyun Lodge (排雲山莊) for their first night, where meals and sleeping bags are offered for a small fee.

The next morning starts well before sunrise. Hikers will don their headlamps and need to follow the crowds up 2.4km via a series of semi-steep switchbacks. This allows hikers to reach the main peak to catch the sunrise. Once finished, they will return to Paiyun Cabin before heading back down the mountain the next day.

Traditionally, main peak is done by itself, but for fit hikers, Jade’s Front or West peaks can be added with little problem. Adding Jade’s more difficult North and East peaks usually requires adding more nights at Paiyun. This is possible but can make securing permits more difficult.

If you’re truly adventurous, all 9 of Jade’s peaks (including the back 4 peaks) can be completed over 5+ days. However, this is only for those who are comfortable at altitude and are extremely fit and experienced.

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