#002: Puli to Wuling (埔里-武陵)

Occupying our #2 spot in this epic list of 100 hill climbs for road cyclists in Taiwan, is the noteworthy Puli to Wuling climb. This climb registers as a rite of passage for many cyclists on the island. It starts at the geographical center of the island around 500 meters above sea level, in Puli, and finishes at 3275 meters above sea level at Wuling.

This cycling route takes you up Provincial Highway No. 14 and 14A, climbing 2800 meters while riding 55 kilometers (one-way). The first 15 kilometers weigh in at a gentle 3% grade, however, just outside Wushe the climbing really starts up separating the boys from the men. Many cycling organizations use this road as a key event in both spring and autumn. During the summer a night ride up this climb is actually a pleasant experience. This is certainly one climb to put on the list, double-check road and weather conditions before setting off for this one, it can get really cold up there.

Cycling Puli to Wuling (埔里-武陵)

There are plenty of 7-11 convenience stores to stop at along this hill climb. The last 7-11 is located at 1950 meters above sea level. There is a police station and various shops along the way after the last 7-11. Unlike the east side climb, there can be a lot of traffic on this road for better or worse, so if you get into any trouble most likely someone will probably stop and offer some kind of help (cycling in Taiwan has its perks).

Overall the ride can be done from Puli to the summit in 5 to 7 hours. As mentioned it can get very cold after 2000 meters above sea level especially during the winter months. During the summer this area is known for extreme weather in the afternoons. Avoid this climb if there is a typhoon heading towards island.  

About this climb:

Puli to Wuling (埔里-武陵) is listed at #002 of the Top 100 Cycling Climbs of Taiwan. Traversing through both Puli Township (埔里鎮) and Ren’ai Township (仁愛鄉) in Nantou County (南投縣), the Puli to Wuling hill climb offers spectacular views and the fresh mountain air of the Central Mountains in Taiwan.

Map & GPX File

Taiwan Hiking Trail Distance
Route Distance: 55km
Taiwan Hiking Trail Conditions
Road Conditions:
Compact soil, wooden steps, some concrete
Hiking Trail Altitude in Taiwan
Total Climb: 2800 meters

Steepest Grade:

Time Required: 5-7 hours
Route Type: Out and Back

How to Get to Puli (李崠山)

Driving to Puli (李崠山): If you are driving, you can set this as your location – HERE. The drive to The Stele of Taiwan’s Geographical Center 臺灣地理中心碑 takes approximately 50 minutes from downtown Taichung.

Taking public transportation to Puli (李崠山): Taking a bus with a bicycle to Puli is difficulty to do. We suggest driving.

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