#006 – Mt. Xiugulan 秀姑巒山 – 3,895m

In the Taiwanese hiking community, there are five “must do” mountains: Yushan Main Peak (玉山), Snow Mountain Main Peak (雪山), Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山), and Mt. Beidawu (北大武山).

These four peaks are all ranked in as A or B level difficulty, meaning they are relatively safe and easy, and can be summited in a relatively short amount of time.

Ranked at the C level (2nd highest difficulty level), the fifth of these mountains, Mt. Xiugulan (秀姑巒山) is on a whole other level. Standing at 3,895m, it’s the highest mountain on the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan, which is often referred to the “Spine” of Taiwan.

This peak, while located in close proximity to Jade Mountain, is anything but. Getting to this peak requires traversering the legendary Battongguan Ancient road, which is famous for it’s landslides and accidents.

From this trail, hikers will head north and typically bag this peak as a side trip.

Most hikers include this peak on one of two eight day routes (the South Second Section (南二段) or the Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷)), the latter being one of the four hardest routes in Taiwan.

It can also be included on a shorter out-and-back hike, called the BaDaXiu Route (八大秀).

This peak is one of the most isolated peaks in Taiwan, but if completed, provides bragging rights that few other peaks above 3,500m in Taiwan will give. Hikers need to be fit and experienced before thinking about attempting any route going to this peak.

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