#007 – Mt. Mabolasi 馬博拉斯山 – 3,776m

If the name Mt. Mabolasi (馬博拉斯山) is mentioned to anyone in the hiking community, usually the reaction is one of incredulity and awe. This peak is the namesake of the route it is on (Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷)), which is considered one of the longest, most isolated, most difficult routes in Taiwan.

On this 8 day route, hikers won’t even get to this peak until the end of the third day, and from there, they still have a series of famous knife-blade ridges and steep cliffs to traverse, before exiting out on one of the most leech-infested roads on the island.

But don’t let all this scare you away, this peak/route contains some of the most beautiful sub-alpine valleys in Taiwan. When hiking this route, you are unlikely to see any other hikers, and if done in good weather, provides epic sweeping views of Yushan National Park from an angle only the most experienced Taiwanese hikers are privileged to experience.

You also get to stay in (likely) empty mountain houses almost every night, which is very rare in Taiwan.

Resources for hiking Mt. Mabolasi:

  • The Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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