#008 – Mt. Nanhuda 南湖大山 – 3,741m

Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山) is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful peaks in Taiwan. In fact, not only is it one of the top 5 “Must Hike” peaks of Taiwan, it was also immortalized in Taiwan’s 2,000NT currency bill.

Assuming a hiker is trying to do the normal 6 or 7-day loop of the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段), then this peak is usually summited early on day 4 for what may give you one of the best sunrise views of your life.

The peak itself is actually a short 20-30 minute side trip off the main loop trail itself, so hikers will drop their heavy packs and climb to the summit with light packs, making it a surprisingly easy peak to climb.

Once summited, climbers will proceed along the ridge, passing two of the more technical Bai Yue on the way, before making a grueling descent down to rustic Zhongyangjian Creek Cabin (中央尖溪木屋).

Resources for hiking Mt. Nanhuda 南湖大山:

  • Check out the route for the North First Section (北一段) (Coming Soon)

This peak can also be done as part of the a shorter/modified version of the North First Section (北一段), which skips the back half of the loop (and back three Bai Yue) and is typically done as a 4-5 day out-and-back route instead of a full loop.

This is a great option for hikers who want to see the Mt. Nanhu (南湖大山) area without the added time and risk of doing the more technically challenging back half of the route. Please email us and ask about the Nanhu Peaks route (南湖群峰) if you are interested.

Make no mistake, whether you are doing the full the North First Section (北一段) loop, or the shorter Nanhu Peaks route (南湖群峰), both are considered two of the most popular routes in Taiwan, and we highly recommend them.

For more information about the Nanhu Peaks route (南湖群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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