#009 – Mt. Dongxiaonan 東小南山 – 3,709m

Mt. Dongxiaonan (東小南山) is one of the four “Rear” peaks of Jade Mountain, that is usually bunched in with Yushan South Peak (玉山南峰) and Lushan (鹿山) on the second or third day of the four-day rear peaks route.

Hikers will need to leave Yuanfeng Cabin and pass over Jade’s South Peak, before continuing along  the same shrubby ridge before arriving at this relatively easy-to-get-to peak. Once summited, hikers will double back and then make the brutal 800m trip (down and up) to Lushan, before returning to Yuanfeng Cabin.

This peak offers a very interesting view of Jade’s South and Main peaks, and is an absolute must climb if you are in the area doing any of the other rear peaks.

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