#011 – Mt. Zhongyangjian 中央尖山 – 3,698m

Mt. Zhongyangjian (中央尖山) has a reputation in the Taiwanese hiking community as being one of the most dangerous and difficult mountains to climb. While it is true it’s not easy to get to, it’s also one of our favorites.

Traditionally, this peak is done as an up-and-down peak on the 5th day of the 6 or 7 day loop around the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段).

Starting in the dark, hikers will need to climb more than 1000 vertical meters up a series of rocky cliffs with rope sections, rocky boulder fields, and steep, sandy gravel slopes to get to this peak.

Because of the elevation increase/decrease involved in this hike, hikers will need to include a separate day to climb this peak with light packs.

While locals may warn you about the dangers associated with this peak, rest assured, with proper fitness, preparation, and experienced guides, it’s totally possible for anyone to climb “one of the hardest peaks” in Taiwan.

It’s also worth mentioning that this peak, with its triangular shape (seen from a distance), is arguably the most visually striking peak in Taiwan. While hikers could save a day on the full loop by skipping this peak, we strongly discourage that (unless the weather is bad, of course).

Hikers who are less experienced or comfortable with climbing over cliffs and boulders, or who have less time, or who aren’t comfortable scrambling up steep gravel slopes for 4+ hours may feel more comfortable opting for the shorter Nanhu Peaks route (南湖群峰), which skips both these peaks. This is one of our favorite peaks, but is not for everybody.

Resources for hiking Mt. Zhongyangjian (中央尖山):

  • Please check out the route for the North First Section (北一段). (Coming Soon)

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