#013 – Mt. Dashuiku 大水窟山 – 3,643m

Located towards the northern end of the South Second Section (南二段), this isolated mountain’s name roughly translates as “Big Reservoir Mountain”.

The logic behind this name is that the mountain cabin in front of this peak is located in the basic of a large grass prairie which will fill up with water during times of heavy rain, providing water for weary hikers on this 8 day route.

The peak itself is one of the highest peaks on the route and provides excellent close-up views of Jade Mountain, from the east side. Descending down off the mountain, hikers will be able to hike through an area of scorched dead trees, a result of a wildfire from long ago.

Resources for hiking Mt. Dashuiku (大水窟山):

  • Check out the South Second Section (南二段). (Coming Soon)

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