#014 – Mt. Nanhu East Peak 南湖大山東峰 – 3,639m

The East Peak of Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山東峰) is located on the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段), which runs in a giant loop over typically six or seven days (depending on a hiker’s fitness). For hikers doing the traditional 6 or 7 day loop, this peak is normally summited around sunrise on the third day with light packs, as part of the giant loop to Mt. Mabishan (馬比杉山).

This peak is surrounded by rocky gravel and scree, and is noticeably devoid of plant life, making it one of the rockiest peaks in the area. Still, it is technically easy and relatively safe, and is suitable for the majority of hikers.

Once summited, most hikers will proceed on to complete the full day loop out to Mabishan (馬比杉山), but hikers also have the option of skipping this route and either returning back to Nanhu Valley Cabin (南湖圈谷山屋) for an easy ½ day hike, or saving time by climbing Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山) a day early before returning back to Nanhu Valley Cabin (南湖圈谷山屋).

This peak can also be done as part of the a shorter/modified version of the North First Section (北一段), which skips the back half of the loop (and back three Bai Yue) and is typically done as a 4-5 day out-and-back route instead of a full loop.

This is a great option for hikers who want to see the Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山) area without the added time and risk of doing the more technically challenging back half of the route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Nanhuda East Peak (南湖大山東峰:

  • Check out the North First Section (北一段), please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • Check out the Nanhu Peaks route (南湖群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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