#015 – Mt. Dongjunda 東郡大山 – 3,617m

Of the four hardest routes in Taiwan, The South Third Section (南三段) Route is without a doubt the longest and most physically and mentally demanding.

Usually hikers will wake up and ascend this peak on the 7th day of this trip as a relatively short out-and-back hike with day backs, before doubling back and continuing along the rest of the traditional route.

The side peak is famous for the sprawling open grassland directly in front of it, which provides one of the most epic prairie photography locations in Taiwan. If a hiker is lucky, they may be able to find some Sambar antler sheds in this area.

Resources for hiking Mt. Dongjunda 東郡大山:

  • Check the South Third Section (南三段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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