#016 – Mt. Qilai North Peak 奇萊北峰 – 3,606m

The ridge containing Mt. Qilai North Peak (奇萊北峰), along with its sister peak, Mt. Qilai Main Peak (奇萊主峰), is arguably the most famous and infamous ridge in Taiwan.

Known simply as “Black Qilai”, the ridge (and its peaks) have a reputation (even among non-hikers) as being the most dangerous and deadly mountains in Taiwan.

The name “Black Qilai”, while referring to the shadowy color, is more often associated with a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances, as well as ghost sightings, and many Taiwanese fear the mountain.

North Peak itself is obviously on the northern terminus of the ridge, and whose point peak requires ascending up a series of ropes and chains to reach.

The peak is relatively easy and safe to get to, although it should be noted that the ridge it’s located on is famous for fogging over. Still though, in great weather, the views across this ridge, and out into the Hehuanshan area across the valley, cannot be beat.

It’s also worth mentioning that for more adventurous hikers, the Qilai East ridge continues past Qilai’s North Peak.

Resources for hiking Mt. Qilai North Peak 奇萊北峰:

  • Check the Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜), please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • Check the Qilai North-Main Ridge (奇萊主北), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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