#018 – Mt. Dajian 大劍山 – 3,593m

Normally done over the course of three days, Mt. Dajian (大劍山), literally translated as “Big Sword Mountain”, is the highest peak on the DaXiaoJian Peaks Route (大小劍山).

Hikers will normally spend a grueling first day climbing up 1700m via a firebreak wall in the forest before arriving at base camp.

The second day is normally a 12-hour out-and-back to 2 of the 3 Bai Yue.

The third day is a much easier hike up to Mt. Dajian, made famous by all the large toy swords left at the peak. Once finished, hikers have to make a grueling 2000m descent, which can be slightly lessened by adding a 4th day to the itinerary.

Overall this would be considered an above-average difficult route not because of the trail conditions or danger, but simply due to the amount of elevation required to get up and down to base camp on the first and last day.

This peak’s route also connects to Snow Mountain, which connects to 6 other Bai Yue routes, so if you are looking to build a long 5+ day trek in one of Taiwan’s most famous National Parks, contact us and let us know your goals and we can try to build a custom route for you.

Resources for hiking Mt. Dajian 大劍山:

  • Check the DaXiaoJian Route (大小劍山), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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