#024 – Mt. Pintian 品田山 – 3,528m

Located on the northwest corner of the Wuling Quadruple/Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀), Mt. Pintian (品田山) is the highest, most thrilling peak on the route.

Traditionally, this peak is done on the last day of the route.

Starting out at Xinda Cabin (新達山屋), hikers will climb up a gentle rolling slope to the front peak of Mt. Pintian with light packs, where they will have to climb down and up a steep, “V” shaped cliff, before making the final ascent.

Once ascended, most hikers usually make their way back to the cabin, before descending back down to the trail at the end of the third day.

Also, the cliff/rope section right before the peak is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the route, and done carefully and with respect, should be no problem. But people have died here, and it can be quite dangerous, especially in bad weather, so potential hikers should be confident in their abilities and experiences before attempting this peak.

It’s worth noting that the Pintian Cliffs are located on the backside of this peak, which are done as part of the The Holy RIdge (聖稜), but not Wuling Quadruple/Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀). These are some of the most exciting cliffs in Taiwan, and for those interested in rock climbing and rappelling, are worth considering.

Resources for hiking Mt. Pintian 品田山:

  • Check the Wuling Quadruple/Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀) Route, please click here.

It’s also worth noting that the Wuling Quadruple/Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀) Route can be included as part of the much longer, and much more difficult The Holy Ridge (聖稜) Route, which you can find more information about here.

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