#025 – Yushan West Peak 玉山西峰 – 3512m

Commonly combined with the Main Peak of Jade Mountain, Yushan West Peak (玉山西峰) is a popular add-on peak for those wishing to explore the area around Jade Mountain.

Once at Paiyun Cabin (排雲山莊) on the first day, hikers with enough energy will be able to drop their packs and make the roughly 2.2km trip out to West Peak with light packs.

The trail out to west peak is mild and easy, and possesses no significant danger or elevation issues.

The peak of West Peak itself is shrouded inside a forest, and doesn’t provide any stellar views, but that is not what makes this peak special.

Located a few minutes past the peak is the west peak shrine (玉山西峰神祠), a relic from Japan’s occupation of Taiwan, and the highest Japanese style shrine in Taiwan.

Once finished, hikers will return to Paiyun Cabin for dinner and prepare for the sunrise trip up to main peak the following morning.

For the truly adventurous, all 9 of Jade’s peaks (including the back 4 peaks) can be completed over 5+ days, but this is only for those who are comfortable at altitude and are extremely fit and experienced.

Resources for hiking Yushan West Peak 玉山西峰:

  • Check the Jade Mountain Main Peak(玉山主峰), please click here.
  • Check the Jade Mountain Front Peaks (玉山前四峰), please click here.
  • Check the Jade Mountain Rear Peaks (玉山後四峰), please click here.

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