#027 – Mt. Nanhuda South Peak 南湖大山南峰 – 3,505m

The South Peak of Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山南峰) is done towards the end of the fourth day on the 6 or 7-day loop of the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段).

After summiting the main peak of Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山), hikers will proceed south along a ridge, clambering over several large boulder fields before dropping their heavy packs and then climbing up a rocky cliff before arriving.

Hikers will proceed on to Mt. Baba (巴巴山) before doubling back to their packs and making knee crushing descent through a slippery pine needle forest to the rustic Zhongyangjian Creek Cabin (中央尖溪木屋).

Resources for hiking Mt. Nanhuda South Peak 南湖大山南峰:

  • Check the route for the North First Section (北一段).

This peak and its sister peak, Mt. Baba (巴巴山), are considered two of the more technical/difficult/risky peaks of the full loop, but with proper fitness and preparation, are perfectly doable for any reasonably fit and experienced hiker.

Hikers who are less experienced or comfortable with climbing over cliffs and boulders, or who have less time, may feel more comfortable opting for the shorter Nanhu Peaks route (南湖群峰), which skips both these peaks.

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