#029 – Mt. Dabajian 大霸尖山 – 3,490m

Without a doubt, Mt. Dabajian (大霸尖山) is one of the most famous, popular and beautiful peaks in Taiwan, and it’s not hard to see why.

With its face on Taiwan’s 500NT currency bill, its distinctive barrel shape, and its significant aboriginal importance, it’s easy to see why so many people have and will continue to rank this as their favorite Bai Yue.

Traditionally done over the course of three days, hikers will need to complete the arduous, but fun 19km forest road walk before ascending up to base camp at the famous 99 Cabin (九九山莊).

All four peaks on the route will be summited on the second day with light packs, before returning back to camp. Hikers will exit back out the way they came.

While hikers are no longer allowed to climb to the top of this peak itself (aboriginal law prohibits it), there are no shortage of epic photo shots along this incredible route. Aboriginal interaction and meal services are available to save weight at base camp, making this one of the most popular routes in Taiwan, and one we highly recommend.

Resources for hiking Mt. Dabajian 大霸尖山:

  • Check the Daba Peaks Route (大霸群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

Note: This route also serves as the terminus for at least one version of the Holy Ridge (聖稜), which you can find out more information about by clicking here. (Coming Soon)

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