#031 – Mt. Wuming 無明山 – 3,449m

Mt. Wuming (無明山), also known as “No-Name” mountain, is centrally located on the North Second Section Route (北二段) and requires climbing up near vertical cliffs on either side to reach it.

Normally done as a circular loop, the North Second Section Route is continued an intermediate level route, where hikers must be comfortable carrying water, filtering water from grassy ponds, and have strong upper body strength to pull themselves (and their heavy packs) up cliff faces.

For hikers unafraid of cliffs, those looking for semi-technical routes, or those just looking to step up to a more difficult and isolated route, the North Second Section Route and Mt. Wuming is an excellent option.

Resources for hiking Mt. Wuming 無明山:

  • Check the North Second Section Route (北二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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