#033 – Mt. Maxi 馬西山 – 3,443m

Located shortly past the famously beautiful Mabu Valley Cabin (馬布谷山屋) on the Mabolasi Traverse Route (馬博橫斷), Mt. Maxi (馬西山) is sandwiched between two of the most beautiful and isolated mountain valleys in Taiwan.

Most climbers climb this peak at the beginning of their 7th day, making it one of the last Bai Yue on the route.

A short side trip off the main trail, this peak is relatively easy to get to, and most hikers will be well conditioned and acclimatized by this point of their trip.

Once summited, hikers will climb one more Bai Yue later in the day, before descending down to Taiping Valley (太平谷) and exiting out the next day on one of Taiwan’s most infamously leech-infested roads.

Resources for hiking Mt. Maxi 馬西山:

  • Check the Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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