#034 – Hehuan North Peak 合歡北峰 – 3,422m

Insanely beautiful, easily climbed, and with no permit requirements, it’s quite possible that Hehuan North Peak (合歡北峰) could be the most popular Bai Yue in Taiwan.

Like the other four Bai Yue in the Hehuanshan area, North Peak is located off the highest road in Taiwan, and its trailhead can be reached via a paved highway.

The trail up and down to North Peak is gentle, rolling grassland, and is suitable for just about everyone from senior citizens to young children.

For many people, this peak is one of their first Bai Yue, and given its easily accessible trailhead, stunning views, and mild trails, make it our top recommendation for those looking to get a taste of Taiwan’s high mountains on a safe and easy trail.

For those looking for more of a challenge, the west peak of Mt. Hehuan is located several hours past North peak, and requires most of a day to get out and back to.

Resources for hiking Hehuan North Peak 合歡北峰:

  • Check the Hehuan Peaks (合歡群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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