#035 – Mt. Xiaobajian 小霸尖山 – 3,419m

The little brother of Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobajian (小霸尖山) is special and significant in its own right.

Located slightly past Mt. Dabajian, hikers have the opportunity to walk over the famous ILOVEYOU platform, where local Taiwanese often spell out cute messages or pictures with small stone. Once past here, hikers will get to this peak, which is special because of it’s unique, pointy shape that requires some semi-vertical rope and rock climbing to summit.

While intimidating, the peak itself is actually very safe and well developed, as long as respect and caution are exercised, and is one of the highlights of the Daba Peaks route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Xiaobajian 小霸尖山:

  • Check the Daba Peaks Route (大霸群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

Note: This route also serves as the terminus for at least one version of the The Holy RIdge (聖稜), which you can find out more information about by clicking here.

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