#038 – Mt. Nanyu 南玉山 – 3,379m

One of the four Bai Yue on the rear section of Jade Mountain, Mt. Nanyu (南玉山) is the only isolated peak that requires a dedicated day just to get out and back to it.

Like all the other peaks in the area, reaching Mt. Nanyu requires staying at 圓峰山屋.

Hikers will then need to dedicate an entire day to make the out-and-back trip, descending down a steep, rocky ravine before traversing a wide-open grass prairie at the end.

The peak and the trail leading to it are very beautiful but do require caution and respect, but those willing to take on the adventure will be rewarded with one of the best trails in the Jade Mountain area.

For the truly adventurous, all 9 of Jade’s peaks (including the back 4 peaks) can be completed over 5+ days, but this is only for those who are comfortable at altitude and are extremely fit and experienced.

Resources for hiking Mt. Nanyu 南玉山:

  • Check the Jade Mountain Main Peak(玉山主峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • Check the Jade Mountain Front Peaks (玉山前四峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • Check the Jade Mountain Rear Peaks (玉山後四峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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