#039 – Mt. Bilu 畢祿山 – 3,370m

Known locally as one of the four “spicy” peaks, Mt. Bilu is known as being a challenging yet enjoyable entry level Bai Yue.

Centrally located in the small village of Dayuling (大禹嶺), Mt. Bilu is located not far from the Hehuanshan area.

The trail itself is typically done in 2 days, and involves walking in and out of a forest road to gain access to the trail.

Due to a large landslide, the first few hundred meters of the trail have been wiped out, so the new trailhead actually starts east of the tunnel where the original trail was located.

Most people opt to hike along the forest road and make camp around the 8.4km mark, where there is a river providing fresh, clean water.

The second day involves going up and down to the peak itself, and then usually back out the same way.

Hikers will often times pair this with Mt. Yangtou, which is along the same ridge as Mt. Bilu, and can access both as out and back hikes from either respective trailhead, or as a loop.

The ridge between Mt. Bilu and Mt. Yangtou is known as the “Sawblade” ridge for its series of up-and-down mini-peaks, and does involve some minor rope climbing. Mt. Yangtou also had some new mini-cabins built along this ridge, for those who prefer to sleep indoors instead of in a tent.

For more information about the Bilu-Yangtou Ridge (畢羊縱走), please click here.

Resources for hiking Mt. Bilu 畢祿山:

  • Check the Bilu-Yangtou Ridge (畢羊縱走), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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