#040 – Mt. Zhuosheda 卓社大山 – 3,369m

The trail to reach Mt. Zhuosheda (卓社大山) requires traversing one of the most treacherous and difficult ridgelines in Taiwan.

Located on the notoriously difficult Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷), Mt. Zhuosheda is the last of four peaks on one of the four hardest routes in Taiwan.

On the fourth day of this five day route, hikers will need to cross the infamously difficult 18-peak ridge, which requires non-stop up and down climbing, including several precarious vertical rock faces, over one of the more technical ridges in Taiwan.

One finished however, hikers will reach the highest and last of the four Bai Yue on the route, and will simply need to spend another half day heading down to the forest road before exiting on the fifth day. For more information about the Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷) please click here.

Resources for hiking Mt. Zhuosheda 卓社大山:

  • Check the Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷) please click here. (Coming Soon)

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