#041 – Mt. Nanshuangtou 南雙頭山 3,359m

Located towards the south end of the South Second Section (南二段), Mt. Nanshuangtou (南雙頭山 is a wide open, grassy peak with breathtaking views of Yushan National Park. Hiking high mountains in Taiwan doesn’t get much better than this.

Hikers completing this Bai Yue will typically ascend this Bai Yue in the dark from the Lakuyin Creek Cabin (拉庫音溪山屋) and make a grueling 700m, three-hour ascent first thing in the morning, before reaching this, the first peak of the day.

Once summited, hikers will take a much-needed breather before heading on to finish the day at the Lulu Valley Cabin (轆轆谷山屋).

Resources for hiking Mt. Nanshuangtou 南雙頭山:

  • Check the South Second Section (南二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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