#044 – Mt. Baiguda 白姑大山 – 3,342m

Located in the heart of Taiwan, the trailhead for Mt. Baiguda (白姑大山) lies in the small aboriginal village of Hongxiang (紅香).

Traditionally done as a 2 or 3-day in-and-out route, Mt. Baiguda is a relatively easy Bai Yue peak that is suitable for most beginners.

The first thing that makes this peak and route notable is the complete lack of fresh water. Hikers will either need to carry fresh water from the trailhead, or be comfortable filtering/boiling greenish-brown pond water, which is somewhat of a rite of passage for people wishing to do this hike.

The other thing that makes this peak famous is the large rock waterfall that hikers are required to traverse up to get to the peak, making for a thrilling boulder hopping experience.

While this peak doesn’t require any National Park permits to climb, it is logistically difficult to get to, as no public transportation runs to the trailhead, so self-driving or hiring a driver is required.

Resources for hiking Mt. Baiguda 白姑大山:

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