#045 – Mt. Xinkang 新康山 – 3,338m

The namesake of the Xinkang Traverse (新康橫斷), Mt. Xinkang (新康山) is located at the east end of the route and is typically climbed on towards the end of the hike.

A side trip from the main trail, hikers will typically camp at the intersection the night before, and then climb Mt. Xinkang first thing in the morning with light packs.

With the exception of one small near vertical rock wall, the route to the peak is mostly easy and safe.

While this peak is famous in it’s own right, the highlight of this peak, and the route itself, is the famous “Sky Fortress” (天宮堡壘) peak located 15 minutes behind this peak.

While not a Bai Yue, this peak may have one of the best views in all of Taiwan, and is an absolute must-climb for hikers going to Mt. Xinkang. Don’t forget to bring your flag of Taiwan!

Resources for hiking Mt. Xinkang 新康山:

  • Check the Xinkang Traverse (新康橫斷), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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