#049 – Mt. Jiayang 佳陽山 – 3,314m

Located on the tough DaXiaoJian Route (大小劍山), at 3,314m high, Mt. Jiayang (佳陽山) is the first of two Bai Yue hiked as a side peak on the second day, with a light pack.

Famous for its east-facing landslide cliff, this peak requires traversing several slanted rock sections (with ropes), and requires a good amount of confidence and balance.

Once ascended, hikers have the option to continue on to Mt. Xiaojian (小剑山), or return to camp.

Resources for hiking Mt. Tao 桃山:

  • Check the DaXiaoJian Route (大小劍山), please click here.(Coming Soon)

This peak’s route also connects to Snow Mountain, which connects to 6 other Bai Yue routes, so if you are looking to build a long 5+ day trek in one of Taiwan’s most famous National Parks, contact us and let us know your goals and we can try to build a custom route for you.

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