#052 – Mt. Yize 伊澤山 – 3,296m

The second peak on the Daba Peaks Route (大霸群峰), Mt. Yize (伊澤山) is a very short side trip off the main trail, located not far from Zhongba Cabin (中霸山屋), which is a smaller, secondary lodging option for hikers doing this peak.

The peak itself takes very little time to do, and has a small weather station at the top, but otherwise isn’t particularly remarkable except for the views hikers will get of the rest of the route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Yize 伊澤山:

  • Check the Daba Peaks Route (大霸群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

Note: This route also serves as the terminus for at least one version of the The Holy RIdge (聖稜), which you can find out more information about by clicking here.

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