#053 – Mt. Beinan 卑南主山 – 3,292m

Located at the southern end of the South First Section (南一段), Mt. Beinan (卑南主山) is also the southern terminus of the Central Mountain range, and the second most southerly Bai Yue in Taiwan.

Depending on the direction one wishes to go, Mt. Beinan will be at either the beginning or end of the South First Section route, and is only a short side trip off the main ridgeline of the route.

Located just behind this peak is the “Heaven on Earth Campsite” (人間天堂營地), which although technically not part of the route itself, is worth adding extra time to stay at.

Resources for hiking Mt. Beinan 卑南主山:

  • Check the South First Section (南一段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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