#054 – Mt. Zhijiayang 志佳陽大山 – 3,285m

Located on the south side of Snow Mountain, hikers wishing to hike Mt. Zhijiayang (志佳陽大山) will need to start their journey from the aboriginal village of Huanshan (環山部落).

Known as Sqoyaw Village in the aboriginal language, hikers will need to park their car in the village and walk to the trailhead, where they will need to cross a suspension bridge and pass through an orchard before making the steep ascent up to the peak.

Located roughly 30 minutes before the peak is the newly built Piaodan Cabin (with it’s corresponding campsite next door). This cabin/campsite is the largest and most comfortable campsite on the route, and is the traditional site for hikers wishing to spend 2D/1N climbing this underrated Bai Yue.

It’s also worth noting that due to an increase in demand, permits for Snow Mountain are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Snow Mountain can be climbed from the south via Mt. Zhijiayang, but is considerably more rough and steep than the traditional trail.

Resources for hiking Mt. Zhijiayang 志佳陽大山:

  • Check the Mt. Zhijiayang (志佳陽大山), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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