#055 – Mt. Ganzhouwan 干卓萬山 – 3,284m

Mt. Ganzhouwan (干卓萬山 is a prairie peak with sparse bamboo that requires a grueling ascent and harrowing cliff section traverse just to reach.

The namesake of Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷), the route this peak is on is one of the four hardest routes in Taiwan and absolutely isn’t for beginners or the faint of heart.

While it’s the shortest of the four difficult routes, it also is quite possibly the most dangerous, as the loop shaped route has cliffs and rope sections on multiple ridgelines across the route.

Like many other Bai Yue, this peak (and its name) are derivatives of the aboriginal communities who lived in the area.

Despite all the warnings, this peak can be highly rewarding for the fit and experienced hikers, and those who finish the route will be rewarded with a river crossing at the end to wash off in. Just be sure to never attempt this route in bad weather.

Resources for hiking Mt. Ganzhouwan 干卓萬山:

  • Check the Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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