#057 – Mt. Junda 郡大山 – 3,278m

Isolated from any other major Bai Yue routes or peaks, Mt. Junda (郡大山) is traditionally climbed in 1 day and generally requires hiring locals with high clearance 4x4s to transport you up the rutted forest road to reach the trailhead.

Located deep in aboriginal country, this neighbor of Jade Mountain and the ridge it’s on were lucky to escape the logging so many other peaks and forests in the area were subject to. If you’re looking for a high mountain hike in Taiwan with some beautiful forests, this is one of them!

The trailhead to this peak is located 32km up the Junda Forest Road, widely considered one of the roughest forest roads in Taiwan, and consistently is damaged by landslides and rock falls. A high clearance 4×4 is required to climb this peak.

The peak itself is open and easy to get to, and offers great views of Jade Mountain and other southerly Bai Yue.

Because this peak is typically climbed in 1 day, it is often paired with Mt. Xiluanda, which is another Bai Yue located nearby on a different forest road/trailhead.

Resources for hiking Mt. Junda 郡大山:

  • Check the Junda-Xiluanda Peaks (郡西巒大山), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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