#058 – Mt. Kaxipanan 喀西帕南山 – 3,278m

At 3,278m, Mt. Kaxipanan (喀西帕南山) is the final and easternmost peak on the Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷), and despite being on such a difficult route, is surprisingly easy to reach.

The area surrounding this peak, like so many others, is home to conflicts between the aboriginal community and the Japanese colonizers. Incidents around this peak, and others in the area, led the Japanese to spend huge sums of money to establish a series of trails designed to control and suppress aboriginal mountain communities.

Once summited, hikers will descend down to Taiping Valley, described by the founder of the Bai Yue as a “Rare wonder” in the Taiwanese mountains. From here only one more day is required to finish the route, exiting on the leech infested Zhongping Forest Road on the east side of the route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Kaxipanan 喀西帕南山:

  • Check the Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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