#059 – Mt. Lulu 轆轆山 – 3,278m

Mt. Lulu (轆轆山) and its corresponding East Peak, together form a pair of majestic and photogenic side-by-side peaks. For those photographers hiking in Taiwan’s high mountains, this will be a highlight (if the weather holds up).

Located in the heart of the South Second Section, the area around this peak was one of the last mountainous areas in Taiwan explored by the Japanese during their colonization of Taiwan.

Historically, the creation of the name of this mountain is unclear, but regardless, this adorably named peak is a short hop, skip, and jump away from the gently sloping grasslands of Lulu Valley and its corresponding cabin, which can be described as a deep, quiet mountain resort.

Resources for hiking Mt. Lulu 轆轆山:

  • Check the South Second Section (南二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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