#061 – Mt. Lingming 鈴鳴山 – 3,272m

Described by the founder of the Bai Yue as a “beautiful, feminine mountain”, the grassland leading up to the peak of Mt. Lingming (鈴鳴山) accurately confirms this mountain’s reputation.

Located on the circular North Second Section (北二段), Mt. Lingming is considered one of the “easier” peaks on the route, and requires no technical skills or dangerous sections to reach it.

Mt. Lingming is also famous because hikers will need to pass over Mt. Rendai (人待山) to reach it, which is the only mountain in Taiwan that was originally part of the Bai Yue, but was removed and replaced last minute.

Once summited hikers will need to proceed up the technical and dangerous Wuming Cliffs (無明斷崖). For hikers who prefer a less exposed and dangerous route, Mt. Lingming can also be done as an out-and-back hike.

Resources for hiking Mt. Lingming 鈴鳴山:

  • Check the North Second Section Route (北二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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