#064 – Mt. Xiaojian 小剑山 – 3,256m

Literally translated as “Small Sword Mountain”, Mt. Xiaojian (小剑山) sits at 3,256m and is the partner peak of “Big Sword Mountain”, Mt. Dajian (大劍山).

Often regarded as one of the most difficult and miserable Bai Yue to get to, this peak requires a 12km out-and-back side trip from base camp that generally requires 11-12 hours, in thick bamboo, across muddy and slick trails. While relatively safe and non-technical, the route to get to/from this peak is long and arduous, and requires both mental and physical stamina.

The peak itself doesn’t contain any particularly beautiful views since it’s surrounded by tree-filled forests, but usually does contain a large number of small swords to take your picture with.

This peak is really more for determined hikers who are up to the challenge of bagging on of Taiwan’s more difficult peaks. If climbed though, hikers will have bragging rights to a peak that most hikers dread to go to.

This peak’s route also connects to Snow Mountain, which connects to 6 other Bai Yue routes, so if you are looking to build a long 5+ day trek in one of Taiwan’s most famous National Parks, contact us and let us know your goals and we can try to build a custom route for you.

Resources for hiking Mt. Xiaojian 小剑山:

  • Check the DaXiaoJian Route (大小劍山), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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