#065 – Mt. Yiqixingmazhi 義西請馬至山 – 3,252m

Located in the heart of Taiwan’s high mountains, Mt. Yiqixingmazhi (義西請馬至山) is at the crossroads of the Central Mountain Range, and is a mountain peak one surely won’t forget.

Requiring no less than five days to reach from any direction, Mt. Yiqixingmazhi is one of the most isolated mountains in Taiwan, and is usually only climbed by hikers wishing to complete the arduous 10 day ascent of the South Third Section (南三段).

Like many other mountains in the area, this peak’s name is derived from one of Taiwan’s aboriginal languages, whose steep peak can only be reached by the most tenacious and determined hiker.

Resources for hiking Mt. Yiqixingmazhi 義西請馬至山:

  • Check the South Third Section (南三段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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