#067 – Mt. Pingfeng 屏風山 – 3,248m

Located at the east end of the famous Taroko Gorge, Mt. Pingfeng (屏風山) is a relatively isolated Bai Yue that doesn’t share it’s main trail with any other peaks.

Hikers will descend down from the highway to a small creek crossing, before arriving at the famous Pine Forest campsite, one of the largest and most open camping areas of any major Bai Yue route.

What makes this peak particularly special is that it had a brand new mountain house constructed and opened in 2022, making it one of the newest mountain cabins in Taiwan, and an excellent lodging option.

While permits are not needed to hike this peak itself, hikers will need to submit a permit if they wish to save tent weight and get a (limited) spot in the new Pingfeng Cabin.

The route to the peak itself is relatively steep and almost completely shrouded in forest, with no view from the peak itself.

Hikers can hike 5-10 minutes past the peak for a good shot at Mt. Qilai’s North Peak, if the weather is good.

It’s also possible to connect Mt. Pingfeng to either the East or North Ridges of Qilai, via the Qilai North Wall route, which requires more time and a significant amount of elevation gain. The benefit is there are some very special rock formations on this ridge, making it a great route for photography enthusiasts.

Resources for hiking Mt. Pingfeng 屏風山:

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