#068 – Mt. Wushuang 無雙山 – 3,185m

Requiring an eight-day trek from the east or a brutal 900m drop followed by a 1300m climb from the west, Mt. Wushuang (無雙山) might be the hardest Bai Yue in Taiwan to reach.

Mt. Wushuang’s name comes from the Wushuang Tribe (無雙社), located on the western flank of Mt. Wushuang’s saw-shaped ridge.

While many other Bai Yue are named after aboriginal words or tribes, the Wushuang Tribe was one of the largest aboriginal tribes in the Taiwanese mountains, making Mt. Wushuang have one of the most special names of all the Bai Yue.

For most hikers, reaching Mt. Wushuang comes as a bittersweet victory, marking the last Bai Yue on the South Third Section (南三段).

The happiness is short lived. An immediate 1300m drop, followed by a dilapidated suspension bridge crossing, followed immediately by a 900m ascent are all experiences one has to look forward to if they wish to conquer the last peak on the hardest route. in Taiwan.

Resources for hiking Mt. Wushuang 無雙山:

  • To check the South Third Section (南三段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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