#070 – Mt. Shimen 石門山 – 3,236m

Despite being 3,236m tall, without a doubt, Mt. Shimen (石門山) is the easiest Bai Yue in Taiwan, and is reachable by just about anyone in 30 minutes or less.

Located in the majestic Hehuanshan area, Mt. Shimen, like all the other Hehuan peaks, is a simple, safe, and easy peak for anyone who wants to bag a Bai Yue with minimal time, effort, or equipment requirements.

On a clear day, hikers will be able to look across the valley at the imposing Mt. Qilai ridge, and if they are really lucky, may even see a hiker who chose Mt. Shihmen as his 100th Bai Yue to celebrate at.

Resources for hiking Mt. Shimen 石門山:

  • To check the Hehuan Peaks (合歡群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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