#072 – Mt. Taguan 塔關山 – 3,222m

Located on the South Cross Highway, Mt. Taguan (塔關山) is 3,222m tall and was off limits to hikers for 13 years and is only one large landslide away from becoming inaccessible again.

The traditional trail leading up to the peak of Mt. Taguan is short and relatively easy. However, once at the peak hikers will immediately notice that directly to the north and south of the peak are the infamous Guanshan Cliffs, which are only hiked by a few teams each year.

The trail for Mt. Taguan is located on the most beautiful highway in Taiwan, which ironically, is also the most prone for catastrophic landslides, so if you wish to climb one of the “3 Star Peaks of the South Cross Highway”, it’s best to do it before it’s too late.

Resources for hiking Mt. Taguan 塔關山:

  • For more information the South Cross 3 Stars (南橫三星), please click here.

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