#074 – Mt. Tafenjian 達芬尖山 – 3,206m

The southern-most of Taiwan’s “Three Pointy Mountains, it is said that the peak of Mt. Tafenjian (達芬尖山), at 3,206m, resembles a slanted carving knife.

Combined with the “Five Holy Mountains” of Taiwan, the “Three Pointy Mountains” all combine to make the 8 most coveted peaks in Taiwan.

Unlike other peaks in the area, Mt. Tafenjian is uniquely pointy, and for many, is the highlight of the South Second Section (南二段), and a life-long goal for some hikers.

For those who can spare 8 days, the South Second Section Route (南二段) allows for a cabin every night, and is surprisingly easy and non-technical for such a long route. With 10 Bai Yue on the route, it’s also one of the most efficient route in Taiwan for peak-bagging.

Resources for hiking Mt. Tafenjian 達芬尖山:

  • For more information on the South Second Section Route (南二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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