#075 – Snow Mountain East Peak 雪山東峰 – 3,199m

Located on the Eastern Ridge of Snow Mountain, Snow Mountain East Peak (雪山東峰) is on the main, and most popular trail to Snow Mountain’s Main Peak, and will be climbed by all hikers on their first day as they head to 369 Cabin (三六九山莊), before going up to main peak the next day.

For many people, this is their first Bai Yue, and this peak is almost always done in conjunction with Snow Mountain’s main peak.

From the trailhead, it’s roughly 6km to East Peak, with no notably dangerous or technical sections.

Done in conjunction with Snow Mountain’s Main Peak, East Peak is traditionally  climbed over 2-3 days as part of the Snow Mountain Main-East Peaks Route (雪山東主峰), which you can find more information about here.

For trail runners or the incredibly fit, Snow Mountain can be done in 1 day, but this is quite difficult, and only suitable for the extremely fit.

Resources for hiking Snow Mountain East Peak 雪山東峰:

The following routes can be added on to the traditional Snow Mountain Route:

  • The Holy Ridge (聖稜) Route, please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • The Snow Mountain West Ridge Route (雪山西稜), please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • The DaXiaoJian Route (大小劍山), please click here. (Coming Soon)
  • The Mt. Zhijiayang Route (志佳陽大山), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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