#079 – Mt. Zhongxue 中雪山 – 3,172m

Mt. Zhongxue (中雪山), or “Middle Snow Mountain”, is the last Bai Yue Hikers will climb on the Snow Mountain West Ridge Route (雪山西稜).

Hikers usually descend down off the ridgeline and camp on the forest road at the base of this peak at the end of their fourth day.

Hikers will climb up and down the steep trail to this forested peak, before returning back to camp. They will also have the option of continuing 10-15 minutes past the peak itself, to see the shrine of Lin WenAn (林文安), the founder of the Bai Yue in Taiwan, who died near this peak from exposure.

Once back at camp, hikers usually take two days to make the 26km walk out via the forest road to the trailhead. For extremely fast/fit hikers, this can be done in 1 day to save time.

At 5-6 days, this ridge is typically too long to combine with any other peaks or ridges. However, since it does go up and over Snow Mountain’s Main Peak, it is possible to combine it with any of the other Bai Yue routes that cross over Snow Mountain’s Main Peak.

For hikers interested in bagging as many peaks as possible over a week or more, this is an excellent and safe way to experience Sheipa National Park. Send us a message if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

Resources for hiking Mt. Zhongxue 中雪山:

  • For more information about the Snow Mountain West Ridge Route (雪山西稜), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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