#080 – Mt. Shuan 閂山 – 3,168m

Reaching this friendly, dome shaped peaks requires nothing more than a pleasant stroll along a serene forest road. Located on the North Second Section Route (北二段), Mt. Shuan (閂山) is often the first Bai Yue climbed by hikers, and is the easiest peak on the route.

After passing under the famous fallen tree gate, hikers make a very simple up and down ascent across a gently undulating ridge to reach the peak, before spending their first night in one of Taiwan’s more rustic cabins.

From there hikers can opt to bag one more Bai Yue and turn around, or take on the full, more precarious loop, with all the cliffs that come with it.

Resources for hiking Mt. Shuan 閂山:

  • For more information about the North Second Section Route (北二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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