#081 – Mt. Ganshu 甘薯峰 – 3,157m

Despite being on the tail-end of the notorious “Death Ridge”, Mt. Ganshu (甘薯峰), or “Sweet Potato Peak” is surprisingly inconspicuous.

Standing atop this peak, hikers will have a great view of the spire-shaped Mt. Zhongyangjian, and the sinister looking “Death Ridge” (死亡稜線) that very few hikers ever dare to climb.

Luckily, this dangerous ridge is not a traditional Bai Yue route. This peak is a short 4 hour round trip off the normal North Second Section Route, and doesn’t require traversing any overly dangerous or technical sections to reach.

For experienced thrill seekers, you can ask us about the “Death Ridge”, although this route is only for the most experienced, seasoned hikers. Normally this route is done as part of the North Second Section Route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Ganshu 甘薯峰:

  • For more information about the North Second Section Route (北二段), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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