#082 – Mt. Hehuan West Peak 合歡山西峰 – 3,144m

Located several kilometers past the North Peak of Mt. Hehuan, Mt. Hehuan West Peak (合歡山西峰) is often the first challenging Bai Yue a hiker will experience.

Undoubtedly the most difficult of all the Hehuan peaks, reaching Mt. Hehuan’s West peak requires descending down several hundred meter’s from Mt. Hehuan’s north peak, then doubling-back up the same ridge on the way back.

The ridge itself alternates between wide open grass prairie and muddy forests with several non-technical rope sections.

On a clear day, hikers will be able to look out across the prairie and have a great view of the imposing Qilai ridge.

While not technically dangerous or difficult, a moderate level of endurance is required to reach Mt. Hehuan’s West Peak, which requires the better part of a day to complete.

Resources for hiking Mt. Hehuan West Peak 合歡山西峰:

  • For more information about the Hehuan Peaks (合歡群峰), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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