#087 – Mt. Baishi 白石山 – 3,106m

Mt. Baishi (白石山) is 3,106m tall and is located on the North Third Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北三段), also known as the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍). This peak is usually very early on the fourth day (it’s only two hours from Baishi Pond (白石池)).

Like all other peaks on the route, in good weather, hikers will have 360 degree panoramic views across dozens of other Taiwanese high mountains in the area. Upon leaving this peak, hikers will pass by two other large ponds: Wanli Pond (萬里池) and Elk Pond (屯鹿池), both of which are excellent campsites if hikers want to add an additional day to the route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Baishi 白石山:

  • For more information on this peak, please check out the North Third Section (北三段)/Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍). (Coming Soon)

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