#088 – Mt. Panshi 磐石山 – 3,105m

The wide, grassy prairies surrounding Mt. Panshi (磐石山) serve as a dividing line for the famously difficult Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜).

Hikers will need to ascend up the famously steep and dangerous QIlai North peak, and descend down it’s backside, through a series of gentle, undulating ridges before arriving at the sprawling prairies, home to numerous Taiwanese Sambar deer.

Once past this week, hikers will need to traverse a series of cliffs using cables for support, before entering the notoriously wet and dense bamboo forests on the east part of the ridge.

Resources for hiking Mt. Panshi 磐石山:

  • For more information about the Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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