#089 – Mt. Patulou 帕托魯山 – 3,102m

Located deep in the heart of one of the thickest and most difficult bamboo sections in Taiwan, Mt. Patulou (帕托魯山) is the final peak on the famously difficult Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜).

Located at the east end of the Qilai East Ridge, Mt. Patulou is the last Bai Yue on the route and is a short side trip off the main ridgeline.

For most people following the standard itinerary, reaching the peak occurs in the afternoon, often when the views are obscured by cloud cover.

However, for early risers or the lucky hiker, the peak offers one of the most epic, stunning views of the legendarily beautiful Taroko Gorge.

Once summited, hikers will still need to spend another day and a half to make the 2000m descent down through the leech-infested forest into the Taroko Gorge.

Resources for hiking Mt. Patulou 帕托魯山:

  • For more information about the Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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